Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What's in my drawer?

Well it is one of the 7 drawers I have for accessories and stuff. But this one is my essentials drawer!
Going clockwise I have a tray for big clips for one of them messy hair days, then a tray for smaller clips and accessories most of which I bought from Twisted ( an accessories store in Inorbit which is no more open :( ) then I have my cute bows collection again from Twisted and Forever21, HAIR TIES all from Forever21 and some from Accessorize. 
There's a small zip-pouch containing a very cute mani-pedi kit from Forever21 :D 
Then I have a few travel pack Bvlgari moisturisers, a bowl full of tick-tack clips, a tin box full of U pins and hairpins and safety pins of all sizes. I also keep some nail art sponges here.
The big section basically has: no heat Hair Rollers from Forever21, Eyelash Curler, Zuci Hand Sanitizer, Big bracelets, headbans and bubble hair ties/ elastics! 
(I had to shift them to another small drawer alltogether so that I stop losing them!) 
The mid section has pretty hairpins from Forever21 and Twisted and a Wristwatch pouch.
Basically, I have all my essentials for any sort of hair in this drawer, I like to keep stuff organized or else I end up losing stuff ( always!) The compartments are not store brought I just kept stuff in boxes of chocolates like Ferrero Rocher and NY Hershey's kisses or just any unused plastic container like thing!
I hope this helps you organize and buy stuff which are essential! 
See ya!