Saturday, January 24, 2015

Longevity of Cologne

Today morning while browsing thru my chaotic notifications and mails and feeds I came across one very interesting topic: How to make Perfume Last Longer

Problem: It indeed is very difficult to make sure your scent sticks to you all thru the day given the pollution and humidity which leads to extra perspiration and in the end you no more smell like you did when you stepped out of the house.

Solution: These few factors must be kept in mind :-

1. Take a bath with a body wash which can help in layering your perfume. 
If your perfume has a floral and lime base then use a similar smelling body wash to help it layer on and stay longer.

2.Oily skin holds perfume longer so Moisturise well after bath or atlas moisturise the pulse points ( we'll discuss that too)

3. Apply perfume directly after shower and before clothing.
If not moisturising, apply perfume the minute you dry as the pores are open and will grab the scent and make it stay longer, plus, your skin absorbs more than cloth and the changes of perfume stains is reduced to zero.

4. Apply on pulse points. Pulse points are divided along the body so your scent won't be concentrated only near your arms.Basic pulse points:
Behind Ear

 Base of Throat


- Additional:
behind knees and under the elbow

5. 6 inches away. Spray on any of the pulse points with the apron. of 6 inch distance for best results

Lastly just don't overdo. Don't layer too many scents, don't rub your wrists and don't spray on too much.

The perfume I used to try these steps was gifted to me by my Uncle very long ago, it's a Kylie Minogue Darling, I just thought I should acknowledge it as it was one of my first perfumes...