Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Body Shop all timers| Birthday Countdown: 4

Ola! I am just full of mixed emotion today and that's how I'm going to be until the countdown ends :\ Master Shifu I need Inner Peace please....
Well whatever it is, I feel the need to blog and post pretty pictures because it sort of makes me happy :D
Here are 3 The Beauty Shop products that I keep refilling...

1. Satsuma Body Polish
I have spoken about this before too I think...sorry for that. But, it really is a great scrub and you walk out smelling all citrusy and you feel smooth and it's refreshing!
2. My all time Faves: Born Lippys
My cousin doesn't like putting her long nails in the container to apply the balm, well, I got accustomed to's worth it! It moisturises like heaven plus anyone getting near you can smell it and it tastes yummy okay?
3. The 60ml Body Lotions
Honestly, not trying to be cheap or anything, the 60 ml minis suffice me. I am not the sort of girl who applies body lotion every season, yes I do in winters, no I can't bear it in Summers. The minis are amazing because they are not sticky and well last really long cause I use them only on my face, elbows and knees. I have the big body lotion from Hollister and Nivea which I somehow finished (I never finish any product bottles)