Friday, April 03, 2015

Cat-o-shoot | Anklet Jam

Hola! So today I couldn't find any of my clothes so I stepped out wearing my Forever 21 Calf-length leggings and my Pull&Bear top.
My outfit needed a much necessary Glam-Sham object and I redid my Anklet jam...and with Tigu featuring on today's posts I can't help but be excited.
You can pair ANY anklets together to create the jam and make an ordinary outfit a little different. Summers are here and the Jam will look fab with shorts and swimsuits too <3
Sorry for repeating my Loafers and Clair's bag, taiga just loves them and I have to wear them when I go to play with him.
1. Golden sea themed anklet : Clair's (inr 500)
2. Orange and Blue Anklets _ belong to my Sister
3. the Gemstone Anklet - Goa
Bracelet : Forever 21 (inr 189)