Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Quick Nail Fix

Not all of us are blessed with a lot of time ( honestly, I always find time). Time for what you ask?
The title, people, says Nail it's pretty obvious this is a nail paint post :P
So I guess I saw this on Pinterest or on Cosmo's Snapchat Story :/ I dunno.

I figured I should try it. I did, I was the Guinea Pig, and here is the verified fix for your nails.

Problem: Outgrowing your old nail paint.
Observation: Nail Cuticles grow causing the naked nail to be visible.

Fig: as seen on the ring finger, pinky and thumb :P
Shade: Coral Craze 211- Maybelline Colour Show 

Solution: Paint over.
Only a Shimmer nail paint.

I used my Faces Splash in the shade : All That Glitter & H&M's Pink frost.

Instructions: Apply a double coat of any shimmer nail paint over the cuticle to create a Shimmer+Paint ombre effect. Silver or Gold shimmer both work well but just try to imagine which one would merge better.

The Faces one's on my Index Finger and the H&M one is on my middle finger. The Faces one merged way better so...yea!

Conclusion: Method saves time of Removing existing nail paint and applying a new or former shade. Method also looks Chic. Method was Successful!

As said earlier I always do find time to change my nail paint :/ I do it after a bath and wearing my clothes so they dry up before breakfast when I apply my liner and stuff...

Colour Crush At The Moment: Blueberry Ice 403 : Maybelline Colour Show 

My hands are ugly, I know, don't judge 
As seen on my Instagram: I finally wore my Purple Stockings...there shall be an entire series over the reason why I wore Stockings in this Clear Hot this space for that...well anyway here's the Photo:
Top, Skirt, Stockings: All Forever 21
Necklace : Delhi Connaught Place Street Shopping
Bag: Accessorize 

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