Wednesday, July 29, 2015


THIS DIY goes out for all of us who are studying our asses off for either 10th or 12th boards.
I can totally relate with the boredom, saturation and craving to just leave everything and run away.
To make something as boring as studying a little bit interesting here's a diy:
A dry erase board, also called as a white board, is pretty helpful for me while I study, I write all important pointers on it and then revise off of it in the morning. But, since my whiteboard is preoccupied with my timetable I couldn't revise or write pointers as I used to. So I decided to recycle my writing boards.

My school gave me a new white board with the school emblem every year and so now I have many. I used two of those in this diy.
Materials Needed:
1. Opaque or clear writing board
2. Coloured or printed parer
3. Washi tape (got 3 for 100 at Anupam)
4. Cellotape
5. Scissors
6. Whiteboard Marker/s

Step 1. If you have any print on your writing board use ACETONE and COTTON to remove it out

Step2. Choose which colour of paper and which wash tape to put on to make it look pretty!

Step 3. Stick your paper and wash tape the way you like it! I wrote "To Do" on one because I was very specific of what I want to write on that board.

 Step 4. Use a Transparent Textbook wrapping sheet and scissors to cut out a proper size of the sheet to cover the board. The sheet is what we'll use the marker on to write and erase.

Step 5. Tape it up on the back...Sorry I didn't even bother to clean up my magnificent autograph from the back.

Step 6. Go ahead and write on!

I have to be honest and say, it can be a little fragile depending on your plastic cover and you may have to change the plastic once it get's worn out. But, otherwise it's perfect in terms of size, look, cost and well it took effort so you will use it and probably study better.

All the best for exams tomorrow, next week or next year. We're all in this together!