Saturday, September 26, 2015

A newfound love | Cranberry

I come back with something exciting!
I haven't blogged for a while because I couldn't handle the pressure from studies but now I am writing this post because I have something to tell you,
or rather,
show you.
I was recently approached by a REALLY amazing brand on Instagram called CRANBERRY.
This brand sells really really amazing stuff, trust me, I saw everything first hand!
They gave me these 3 really chic products to style:

1. The Moustache Bag PRICE: 650/-

2. The Pink Oversized Knit Shrug PRICE: 990/-

3. The Aztec Print Shoes PRICE: 999/-

Let me be very honest and say, the aztec print shoes were a love at first sight....

So I took these 3 products, which I must add: compliment my personal style VERY WELL, and styled them with a basic grey top from Zara and my Forever 21 shorts and guess what?
I loved them all.

I think the pink knit shrug is perfect to be styled in multiple ways, around the wait, as a shrug, as a high-low shrug and even unbuttoned as a jacket. The pink is a vibrant pop of colour which will make it stand out of all your other winter clothes!
As far as the moustache Bag is concerned with, I think space is one big thing to think of while purchasing a bag, and this bag has enough space for all your stuff plus it's animal print so you can't really go wrong with that!
Lastly, the aztec print shoes, when I looked at them first I thought they'd be pretty heavy beacause of the platform heel sort of thing below it, but turns out it's pretty light in weight! Plus for short people like me, any amount of additional height is a blessing.
So if you are interested in buying any of these products please contact:
Please check out more of their products on their page
    Their Instagram is: @cranberry.__

    Neft/bank deposit Worldwide shipping 🌎 To order contact on 9833572679/9769756980 Mail 

    So, to show my love for the brand even more I thought of listing down my top 5 favourite products of theirs from their Instagram page!
    1. Bandage Leggings

    2. Stripe Dress

    3. Aztec Bustier

    4. Leather Bag

     5. Party Dress

     Show them some love by commenting on your favourite product on their instagram page and tag me! 

    Click Courtesy: Viraj Gandhi