Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Handle Stress in Style

With Tuitions, College and Entrance preparation I know the struggle is real, the struggle of looking presentable with all the messy hair+panda eyes+undernourished skin.

Today morning I was at my worst self, unpacked bag plus undecided outfit at 6:00 in the morning is a disaster! I managed to pull out this cozy outfit which practically made me look better than any outfit ever could.

A tip, if you haven't slept well, at least for almond eyed girls like me, you'd want to apply eye makeup to brighten up those sleepy eyes but mind you, watery eyes and rubbing your eyes to prevent from dozing off in those boring lectures will make things worse!

Outfit Details:
Scarf, Top: Forever 21
Jeans: Lee
Footwear: Newlook
Lipstick: Faces

The top is a 3/4th sleeve high-low kind of top which has a slit on the back, perfect for summers.

I rolled up the jeans near my ankle to make the look more day-casual 

The scarf did make me feel the heat, I won't deny it, but when you don't have time to think about accessorising scarves are a safe option.

The minimalistic look of this pastel blue just makes the whole outfit chic

The slit I mentioned earlier

I won't deny the fact that these cuties from Newlook are my current faves, I wear them EVEYWHERE EVERYDAY!

Hope none of you'll are having a bad week and stay positive <3