Saturday, July 04, 2015

No Heat Curls w/ Garnie

The new Garner Oil in Cream is a buttery consistency products which is completely non-sticky.
In other words, Garner has smartly used the not-so-new concept of Leave in Conditioner and just renamed it as Oil in Cream. 

The product is beyond fabulous, specially for girls with massive frizz, and who am I kidding? All of us deal with frizz, it's inevitable in this much humidity. 

Not all of us have time to get Hair Spa done every month and this is our solution.

My own maa was so impressed by the advertisement of this product she ordered it before I asked her to. She always was against me letting go of my butt-reaching long non-layered hair. I stopped oiling or braiding and finally not tying or brushing my hair frequently too. This product is a blessing. I first applied it on 3 day old hair to see if it actually moisturises the hair, it doesn't, not as much as oil does but hey! We have to compromise somewhere. 

I tried something new one morning at 06:15, I had washed my hair the night before, I applied the product mid-length to the tips and by the time I reached classes my hair had soft curls...thus, this post.

In this Post I'm going to show how I mastered the no-heat curls without much fuss.

Final look:

 Step 1
Do a middle part and brush your hair to remove any knots. I had 3rd day hair so this is sort of a fix for that too...

Step 2:
Tease the hair at the crown or if you have enough volume just hide the middle part by brushing over.

Step 3:
Take the side section of your hair and braid it (optional)
I braided the front sections, both right and left of the middle part to avoid flat hair.

Step 4:
Take a large drop of product for short hair, dime size for medium hair and double that for longer hair.

Step 5:
Apply the product from the mid-length to the ends of your hair completely.
The product may feel sticky and may feel like normal conditioner applied to dry hair but wait for the results.

Step 6:
Wait a while for the product to get soaked in, do not let it dry completely, 30% product should still be present.
Tie a twisted bun, all you need to do is hold your hair line you would to tie a pony at the place you want your curls to start, twist it several times util it's like a tight twister rope kind of thing, then twist this into circular motion near the base of your pony/bun and secure with an elastic or a bubble.

 Step 7:
Depending on your hair type this may take 20 minutes to 2 hours or not work at all. I kept it for 2 hours because I liked the way the bun looked.

Step 8: Open the bun and separate 1/2 inch strands from the one huge curl that has formed, be gentle.
Once you've separated them curl each one with your finger just a little bit to define the curl, if not satisfied either this doesn't work for your hair type or you need to keep the bun longer.

My hair looked like this:

The oil in cream does not make the hair situation worse on 3rd day hair, it makes it shine and more manageable. For better results use on scalp, 2 hours prior to hair wash.

Have a happy weekend!
I  know studies suck and life's boring but we do not need to go thru all that with bad hair.