Saturday, July 18, 2015

The flamingo dress | One dress 4 ways

So you're shopping at the mall and this dress which looks like something that belongs in your wardrobe, catches your eye. You stepped out of the house thinking you'd buy clothes you can wear to school but this dress just changes everything, fuzzes up your mind. Damn, you bought it.

The agony of buying a dress is, first: you could have bought 2 tops in that same amount of money, second: can't wear it to school or while travelling in public transport (#mumbaigirlproblems), third: you always have to wear something to cover up in case it gets cold, fourth: It just sits there in your cupboard seeking desperately for your attention while you are too busy to wear anything but those tees you always wear.

Something similar happened to me, but, the dress in this post is actually one my sister gave me. My tenth grade unofficial farewell party theme was neon and this dress fit the description, believe me when I say this: I haven't worn this dress since then. IT HAS BEEN A YEAR.

Wearing it has crossed my mind but then I was always too lazy to bother. So on Friday when I decided to go on a date with my bestie I decided to be brave and take a chance. Then I filtered my wardrobe for a cover-up since the dress has a sexy back. SEXY BACK YAY.

Outfit Details:
Dress: Bershka
Aztec top: Forever 21
Pink neon top: H&M
Jacket: Colaba
Necklace: Forever 21
Chappals: Bandra Hill Road
These are the 4 ways I can wear this dress: