Thursday, July 09, 2015

Minimalistic nails

Well doing nail art, which is simple and does not need any tools, has always been a good pastime, it's easy, looks as though made with loads of effort and makes my nails look pretty.

I recently cut my nails so I can relate with the problems of having short nails but this can be done to short nails as well as long.

Step 1: start with clean, cut, filed nails. Apply a base coat or base colour according to your choice.

Step 2: Take white tape and cut thin stripes of it, according to the sort of abstract look you want.

Step 3: Place the tape, make sure it's stuck properly and paint over it. I went for a monochrome effect.

Step 4: Repeat with the other nails.

Step 5: wait until nail paint is dried COMPLETELY to remove the tape or else the design will be messed up.

Step 6: repeat on the other hand.

Step 7: Apply a top coat or a transparent coat. I went for my sister's Colorer USA Insanely Matte mattifying top coat to make my nails all matt.

Step 8: Accessorise your chic yet effortless look with midrings and more.

(yes I made this cute Pineapple Cover case for my now cracked iPhone myself, diy will be posted soon)
Stay tuned :D