Friday, November 27, 2015

Missing summer

I know fall fashion's in, and yes I almost got teary in Forever 21 looking at the knitwear but let's get real, it's not going to get even slightly cold in Mumbai.
So I went on and did a normal casual summer look post because these are clothes you'll actually wear longterm if you're a Mumbai Girl.

So as I've mentioned in my previous post about this brand called Cranberry I have done this post with them again!
denim shoes
bandage leggings
heart cut out top
So, here's how I styled them:



My styling suggestions:
1. Wear the denim shoes with white shorts and a cute top to focus attention on the unique denim element of the shoes.
2. Wear a contrast colour bralet or tube inside the heart cut out top to make it look fab
You can also be brave and try going backless on it
3. As for the Bandage leggings wear a top which is a little long and not skin hugging to make your leggings stand out. Also, leggings are not substitutes for pants so we have to make wise fashion choices.

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