Friday, January 30, 2015

It's Glitter

1. Remove all existing Nail Paint
3. Apply a base coat.
2.If It's a glitter nail paint soak a cotton ball and press your nail for a minute to dissolve the glitter
3.Apply 2 coats of any shade of paint you like and wait to dry. 
TIP: If you have made a mess and applied nail paint on the skin use a earbud soaked in Nail paint remover to wipe away
5. Take a glitter nail paint and do a french manicure to the tips of all nails. Add 2/3 coats depending on the opacity of the glitter
5. Remove excess nail paint in the bottle and drag the brush from ed to cuticle for the smudge effect.
6. Finish with a top coat.

Products used: 
Faces Nail Enamel remover 30ml
Faces Hi SHine 9ml (shade: Rose Taupe)
H&M  Nail Polish (shade: Pink Frost)

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