Monday, February 23, 2015

Where have you been?

.....cause I never see you 'round, are you hiding from me? Somewhere in the daaaarkkkkk....
Sorry, I just got along with the title. I really love Rihanna <3
So, as I explained I have been a wee-bit busy all these days and believe me I still am very busy and messed up! I swear these might as well be the busiest days I've ever had! I have my dad to chill with, maa's not very well, college is being very annoying given that the teachers are completely ignoring us FYs with the SY exams going on and then I have exams haunting me soon and I also have all my career goals I have to think about.
Oh dear, I rambled too much didn't I?

Without any more distractions let's get right into it. So, I gave a brief explanation about my absence on my last post and well here's something related to it: being a tour around India I got out of my rigid dressing ways and practically spiced it up with some Indo-Western pieces!
I love trying new stuff and on my trip to Dubai I started with my love for Skirts and this trip got me closer to Harem pants!
I know, they seem a bit "tacky' but they are not! They are the better version of Yoga Pants <3 comfort and chic!

So basically my trip was highlighted around sight-seeing for I love History and the Mughal History has a lot to tell in Delhi and Agra...
I have pictures of some outfits and of some I don't so I decided to just put them all together in the end <3

#day1 I had a day planned ahead of my flight so I decided to be comfortable
Top: White Full Sleeve, Forever 21
Bottom: Blue Jeans, H&M
Footwear: Camel skin coloured Loafers, Forever21
Extras: Pashmina Shawl, Clair's Red Satchel

Top: Blue Full-Sleeve, Forever21
Bottom: Dhoti from Ethnicity
GLAM-SHAM: Peacock earrings, Lokhandwala. Gold Hand Cuff, Forever21
Footwear: Heels, unknown
Extras: Shawl

#day3 being in Agra I wanted to be more comfortable cause we had a long car ride from Delhi to Agra!
Top: Black Zara Basic
Bottom: Harem Pants, Forever21
GLAM-SHAM: Spiked Gold Neckpiece, Street shopping (credits to Viraj Gandhi). Round-glasses, Forever21
Footwear: Loafers, Forever21
Extras: Maroon Cardigan, Forever21

#day4 I wore this Huge flair dress from Atmosphere which belongs to my sister actually...
Footwear: H&M boots
Extras: Floral Scarf,  Forever21. Grey  Glasses, Aldo.

Top: Vero Moda
Bottom: Cream Harem Pants, Akkriti
GLAM-SHAM: Round Glasses, Forever21
Footwear: H&M boots
Extras:Black Jacket, Only. (credits to Nishtha Parwani)

#day6 Being the second day in Jaipur I wanted to play with colours! I very recently realised the absence of the colour Yellow in my Wardrobe and my luck favoured me when Forever21 had a top of the perfect kind....

Top: Forever21
Bottom: H&M Denims
GLAM-SHAM: this very cool idea of folding the ankles of the denims and wearing multiple anklets. (Credits to Kyati Prajapathi)
Footwear: Loafers, Forever21
Extras: Black Jacket, Only

I packed my Blue Skybags Bag and had a lovely time in these 3 very beautiful and historical cities <3

I wrote this post a few days ago, my dad left for Yemen (where he works) last night :"(
Anyway, I finally have time to blog and all these days I have just read newer blogs and learnt and you and I are going to have a really good time.
I know this post is a day earlier than said (24th on my last post) I just wanted to surprise you guys plus I missed this so bad!